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iSupport macros are created and grouped into libraries depending on customer requirements and needs. With this approach, they bring great benefits and efficiencies to the day-to-day tasks of technicians.

A sampling of iSupport macros is included below. IT personnel or technicians can develop their own macros or contract with Roaring Pine or other third-party suppliers for creation of specific macro libraries. Basic macros are available as a part of iSupport.

The real power of iSupport macros comes in sharing them across groups of technicians and using them interactively — whereby macros are run during iSupport sessions and then rated, refined and updated continuously. In this context, library tools are provided to handle macro submission, macro feedback and rating.

You can view the comments of others to help you choose macros that are best suited for your business. You can install all macros from the library in one step or you can install macros individually. See install options at: Install Macro.

  Updates and additions to the library can be delivered to you automatically via an RSS feed. Just add the following URL as content in your RSS feed reader: Receive Library Updates. To learn about using RSS feeds, open the URL in a browser.

WELCOME TO THE iSUPPORT WORLD of automated troubleshooting, repair and software installation!

adaware_key.rmc Rating:
Searches the OS drive of the client's PC for the latest version of Ad-Aware. If the latest version is already present, then the definition file is updated and the program is launched via keystroke commands. If an older version of Ad-Aware is present, or if Ad-Aware is not found at all, then Ad-Aware is installed on the client's PC. The definition file is updated, and the program is launched via keystroke commands.

aida.rmc Rating:
Searches the client's PC for the AIDA32 program. If found, it launches the program, generates a report and provides a report copy to the technician. If the program is not found, the macro first installs the program and then proceeds as above.

analyzer.rmc Rating:
Performs a detailed analysis of the client's PC and displays the results to the client via Notepad. Included in the analysis are: system configuration, disk information, free memory, network information, environmental variables and routing table.

cpu_monitor.rmc Rating:
Monitors the client's PC for a specified time interval and collects data on CPU time, memory and swap space usage. The data are stored in a log file on the agent's PC.

eventlogs.rmc Rating:
Allows viewing of the application, system and security event logs on the client's PC. If the program for event log extraction is not already present on the client's PC, then the macro installs it. The event log presentation can be easily changed by modifying parameters in the macro relating to filters, spacing and number of days of events.

speedtrap.rmc Rating:
Performs a detailed analysis of the client's PC and Internet connection. Included in the analysis are: processor speed, memory usage, network configuration and ping results from the client's PC to the iSupport server.